Friday, October 19, 2007

The Peter Pan Pirate Party

The plan was to have the kids make Peter Pan (sailor) hats out of newspaper but instead they supervised as my husband made hats for all of the kids. On the other hand they were all more then willing to give up their supervisor positions and get their “hands dirty” to put pirate foam stickers all over their black beach buckets. The pirate stickers were a huge hit and the buckets turned out great. After the kids were finished decorating them I filled them with their take home goodies. I didn’t get any candy instead we went a bit over board with ‘stuff’: giant sticker pirate maps, pirate bandanas, eye patches, and Tinker Bell note pads. Tim read "Do Pirates Take Baths" to the kids. Then it was time for the cake. The birthday boy and his class all have a thing for pink so the pink castle was perfect and was a big hit. After cake they all settled down to watch the classic animated Disney® Peter Pan movie.

After naps they made Easy Spyglass Telescope from paper towel tubes and colored pirate maps. Since the birthday boy was blessed with a beautiful day they didn’t color their Peter Pan & Pirate coloring pages. The teachers are saving them for another day.

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