Thursday, December 6, 2007

Edible Gluten-Free Lunches

As I have mentioned before I am allergic to wheat and finding tasty wheat-free or gluten-free options is often challenging. Over the past few weeks I have found 3 more to add to the shopping list.

Amy’s Garden Vegetable Lasagna (gluten-free). This single-serve microwave lunch was wonderful. This maybe the first time in seven years I have had lasagna. The noodles had a very nice taste and texture. The cheese was delightfully seasoned. The vegetables were distinguishable and quite tasty. The sauce was light and delightful. I would defiantly recommend this to any vegetarian or anyone with a wheat-allergy. This is made in a factory which also makes products which contain wheat. So those with sever allergies or Celiac disease may not want to test this one.

Lean On Me Baking Company makes a Broccoli & Cheddar Quiche which is a frozen single serve wheat and gluten free meal. This was a surprisingly tasty lunch. It tasty and rich but only has 130 calories it was. I had a small salad on the side for a perfect little lunch.

I discovered a new wheat-free snack at a friend’s party which to my pleasant surprise was filled with wheat-free snacks and knitters, too. Frito-Lay Inc tried something new. They tried to make a healthy snack and succeeded. Under the brand name of Flat Earth they are making Baked Veggie Crisps which has “½ serving of real vegetables in very ounce”. I tired the Garlic & herb Field and Berry flavored chips. Both were very good. The garlic had a nice garlic flavor without being over powering. The chip was crisp and could hold up to the same dips and a ruffle potato chip. The berry flavor was also good but a little on the sweet side. The berry would satisfy anyone looking for something sweet, crisp and a touch of salt. It’s very nice blend.

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