Monday, March 23, 2009

Unveiling the Porch

Tim took a nap yesterday morning. I took the kids outside to play. And that darn ugly old carpet was taunting me. It was ripped and worn. It had to go. I ripped up the green carpet off of the front porch. I stopped just short of over doing it. There is still a spot between two roof supports and under the cement bench.

The kids helped weight down sections so I could rip off strips. They also held the contractor bags open for me. They had a blast playing with the ants at the edge of the flower bed we disturbed. They were just those little black ‘sugar’ ants (aka moving black specs). The kids decided to feed them and started to pick the leaves off of the daffodils which are just starting to come up. I think I caught them in time so we’ll have some flowers this year. When Tim woke up he said he could move cement bench. I tried to warn him before he tried. Luckily he stopped trying to lift the top section before I would have to take him to the hospital. It is definitely a 2 person job and I wasn’t up to it. When I recover some we’ll team up and move the bench so I can get rid of the last bit.

Unfortunately I discovered the gross carpet was covering a problem. I should have known after seeing the patch job on daughter's wall when I took down that fake paneling in her room. One of the former owners should have never been allowed to work on the house. The front porch was poured in 2 pieces. The original entry step which is about 4’x6’. Then they added the rest of the porch onto that. There is a crack near corner of the original piece to the front edge. Then there is a break in the cement on the other side. A 3-4’ section of the porch has broken off and shifted. The far edge is a 1” lower than the rest of the slab. I’m guessing they didn’t put in a proper foundation (rock) or any rebar. We don’t have the funds to jackhammer it out and doing the whole thing right, which would include unbolting the porch roof from the slab. I’m thinking I need to patch and resurface the whole porch so it doesn’t get worse from ice and looks good. Sigh, one more thing on the “to do” list.

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