Thursday, July 5, 2007

Belated Gardening

I finally have some time to do some yard work. I am collecting salvaged/recycled bricks, brick bed liners, or cinder blocks to line the new garden beds. As the garden grows I'm hoping to line rows between the beds with small used cardboard boxes and cover them with mulch to help keep the weeds under control. If I take time to draw out plans I may even have a nice garden path or mini labyrinth to wander.

Sierra Club and Not Martha have both recently posted that Starbucks will give-a-way coffee grinds for your garden. I went to the closest one and asked. Yup, they will if you ask ahead of time and make arrangements for pick up. They gave me two plus pounds of the black gold on the spot and are saving it for me to pick up after work. I have one of the 27 pound empty cat litter buckets with a lid to in the back of my car to drop the bag they give into to make sure there are no spills in the car. I have a weird coffee allergy that can give me a sever headache. I love the smell so a small dose is wonderful but I need to limit how much of the 'fumes' fill the car. The hard part of this will be not getting a Venti Chai Latte every time I do a ground pick up.

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