Thursday, August 9, 2007


Several years ago I was diagnosed with a wheat allergy. I am one of the fortunate ones who can actually eat spelt which is an ancient relative to the modern wheat. So for much of my homemade breads and such I substitute spelt flour for the modern wheats. Wheat-free products aren't always easy to find often they contain gluten, germ, or other wheat byproduct. I am so grateful for the flood of new gluten-free cookbooks, mixes and products which have broaden the possible foods even if it is only at home.

I find it absolutely amazing how few people know what is in their food. Listening to people talk about food you would think food was just made up of calories, fat, salt and maybe some fiber. So many are oblivious to the individual ingredients which make up the foods they enjoy so much.

There almost seem to be three types of people when it comes to eating: those who will eat whatever is handy, others are concerned with calories & fat, and still others that care what goes into there food. With these groups it seems two out of three people seem to have no chance to even know what wheat is. I was brought white bread and was told it was 'white not wheat' and this was while I was in a hospital.

For anyone who has a wheat allergy, Celiac, Lupus, or other reason to avoid wheat or gluten here area few helpful websites:

Gluten-Free Girl Fun to read and she has a lot of useful links
Gluten-Free mall If you can't find it at your local store they probably have it
Trader Joe’s is also increasing their gluten-free and wheat-free lines.

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