Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bento Lunches

A friend has just introduced me to the world of Bento Lunches. For some strange reason I’m having problems bending my brain around this one. I’m not sure why since I often try to make my lunches attractive. Yesterday is an example of what I often will pack for lunch, well not every day has a butter flower.

I have to say after doing some online research for "bento lunches" I took it as a challenge to make a better looking lunch. The lunches on this site just raised the bar: Lunch in a Box: Building a Better Bento

The idea is to make a very attractive cold lunch in small containers which stays cold on it’s own until it is time to eat. The bento lunch boxes seem to range from very plain box of boxes to very ‘cute’ ones like this bear and a wide range in between. I guess my little Tupperware® bowls will work.

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