Monday, November 5, 2007

Pirate Pumpkin

Okay this is a little late for Halloween but the kids thought it was great anyway. The last time I was in Delaware I picked up a Playskool Halloween Mr. Potato Head® Pumpkin Kit for $2 at a flee market. On Saturday I pulled it out for the kids to decorate a pumpkin.

I started by putting the feet and hat then the kids helped by pointing out where each of the other pieces should go. The pieces didn’t just press into the pumpkin. I had to push the piece to leave an indentation where the kids wanted it to go then use a kabob skewer to make a hole for the piece to slide into. The kids were thrilled with the results and are fully aware that this pirate pumpkin will become a very yummy pumpkin pie in the next week or so.

And if the pirate pumpkin is too cute for your taste, check out for their wild and terrifying pumpkins.

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