Friday, November 14, 2008

His and Her Germs

I never thought of myself as a germ-a-phobic but I really would like to keep the family healthy. I would like to slow down or avoid any potential cold epidemic that might try to infect the house. The kids have a stool so they can easily reach the sink to wash their hands and faces after dinner. There is liquid soap that can easily be dolled out and rubbed all over their hands before scrubbing it and al the dirt off. I also have a bottle of the hand gel so when you hear a scream for help in the other room you can get a squirt and clean your hands on the run.

They each have their own cup to hold their own toothbrush, tooth paste and Reach flosser. This should help the brush to dry out between uses and keep his and her germs separated. We each have our own tube of tooth paste. This also helps separate the germs and allows for each person to have the flavor of their choice. The Reach Flosser makes it easier for them to try to floss their own teeth and for us to do it for them. Tim was able to find a cute little robot timer to make sure they both brush for 2 minutes. I’ve gotten them each a child’s electric toothbrush to make sure they can scrub each tooth while they are developing their hand coordination and it is easier when we help them brush, too. The dentist praised us for both the timer and the electric toothbrushes. And finally paper cups. I know I try to be so green but with 4 people sharing the bathroom it is much easier to use paper cups. Both kids have sports bottles in their room for water so they are more for bathroom use then a quick drink.

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