Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sweet n Sour

The other night I need to whip up a quick dinner to please the family while avoiding wheat, oranges, and cheese with the ingredients on hand. With just 6 ingredients I was able to make a healthy tasty meal that pleased everyone. Two of the four were frozen peas cooked in the microwave and some Jasmine rice I had made a double batch of 2 nights earlier. The remaining 4 created a very tasty sweet n sour chicken. I did my usual toss into the pan method but I believe it comes to the following measurements. Adjust them to your own taste.

Sweet N Sour Chicken

2 T Canola oil

3 boneless chicken breast, cut into month size pieces *

1 c Abbott Farms Peach Chutney

½ c Ketchup

In a sauce pan brown the chicken with the oil. Stir in chutney and ketchup. Heat until bubbly. Serve.

* The peach chutney is a fruity spicy preserve and can be replaced with one of your choice.

To make sure I did please ALL I pulled out enough cooked chicken to feed the kids before adding the sauce. They greatly appreciated it. They only begrudgingly tried a piece with ‘that stuff’ on it. Overall it worked. It was a relatively fuss free quick wheat-free dinner.

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