Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Little Guy’s First Loose Tooth

It happened. We knew it was coming. My little guy is growing up. A week ago he said his tooth was loose. He was loosing is first baby’s tooth. His dad pulled out the new tooth books he had gotten in anticipation of this great event. Nearly every night over the week a story about loosing your baby teeth was part of the bedtime routine. The little guy’s concerns turned to excitement. We could catch him actively wiggling his tooth with his fingers or his tongue. For two days I received request for soft food while I was cooking. The day was getting nearer.

Yesterday morning I packed a small plastic container in this lunch bag. It was empty with “baby tooth” and his name written on it. We were as prepared as we could be for this great event. As I pulled into a parking space at his school I heard a cheerful giggle and shout. “It came out!” He was holding out a tiny little front tooth in his fingers and grinning from ear to ear. He announced “my tongue has a window” as he poked his tough through the whole. I told him to sit still while I went to fetch the container from the trunk. We carefully put his tooth in and closed it up. As we walked into the school he showed off his old tooth to everyone within sight.

After dinner I made two new tooth fairy pouches for him to choose from while his dad made a paper tooth fairy doll – a boy fairy of course. We slipped the tooth into a small plastic pill box and then into a smilie faced tooth fairy bag. He proudly carried it off to bed to wait for the tooth fairy.

This morning the little guy woke up to find a golden dollar coin and a bright shinny penny where he had left his baby tooth. He announced that he is a bigger kid now.

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