Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bento: Salad Dressing Containers

I’ve been searching for the perfect salad dressing and sauce container for our packed lunches. So often the ones I’ve found leak especially if I pack a nice vinaigrette for my salad. They might work great for thicker sauces like catsup or even salsa but for the slippery oils and thin constancy there can be a leaky mess for salad dressings.

I think I have found the prefect container. Years ago I attended a Tupperware party and received a small pill container for attending. For years it sat in my kitchen drawer since it was huge for pills when I could reuse smaller prescription bottles. Since I had tried everything else I decided to give it a try. That little blue container has become a near permeate fixture in my lunch box. If I’m having a salad it is there. It is the perfect size for salad dressings and it doesn’t leak.

But of course they are not easy to find. It seems these wonderful little containers can only be gotten by attending a Tupperware party and may have been discontinued. I’ve asked family and friends to search flea markets to get a few more for the kids and myself.

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