Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Training Them Young

The Scots in the family will be proud of my young son. I drove past a bunch of stuff that had been put out at the curb and stopped to check out what was there. The family was cleaning house. They had carefully put things in the street along the curb so passerby could see the treasures they were discarding. The day before there had even been a ‘free’ sign placed on one of the items to make sure there was no mistake this stuff was going to go one way or another. There was a nice sturdy coffee table that looked more child-friendly then my antique yard sale find from years ago. The problem was it was too big to put into my little car. It was getting late and kids were over due for naps. I told the kids we would take the van tomorrow and see if it was still there. My son announced we should go straight home to get the van and come back for the table so no one else would get it. Since both kids were up for the plan that is just what we did. We swung by the house, swapped cars and went back the 5 blocks to see if anyone else had beaten us to it. It was still there so it was quickly loaded up and taken home. It took a few days before we had the time to bring it into the house to clean it up. Other then a few marks from cups it is in very good condition. I could possibly even refinish the solid wood table but for now it is the perfect sturdy surface for the kids to use their hand-me-down refurbished laptop, to create their next crafty creation and to much on snacks. The marks are reminders to use the child-friendly rubber coasters for their drinks.

The kids are quite proud of THEIR new table and we had a nice lesson in recycling: use, reuse, reduce, and recycle.

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