Friday, January 9, 2009

New Years Micro Party

What is a New Years Micro Party? Well it is a very exclusive party for a few very special New Year’s Eve guest – My kids.

I needed party hats but these guests deserved something special. I stopped by the local craft store to pick up 2 foam hats, one princess hat and one crown, and some sticky foam ‘gems’ to decorate them with.

Then a stop at the party store for 2 mylar balloons. I really don’t like the risk of the latex balloons and for the venue 2 special balloons was much more fitting. I picked out one large super hero balloon and one large princess carriage. I rounded out the decoration with a simple “New Year” center piece (no date so reusable), a table cover, paper cups and plates, and four small chip bowls.

One more stop at the grocery store for cheese, healthy chips and popcorn, bananas, apples, crispy pea pod chips, salsa, and sparkling cider. The menu would be rounded out with a cake already at home. Then I was off to pick up the guests of honor for an evening of movies and crafts.

The kids thought the ‘micro party’ was fantastic. They decided they needed fancy party clothes for their party. My daughter pulled out her Disney Princess Bell dress and my son found his Lego king cape. Once they got going on the crowns they decided to also decorate their existing water jug crowns I made them last spring. It was a perfect party. They got to eat party food for dinner, do crafts and watch movies until THEY wanted to go to sleep. About an hour after they normally go to bed they were tucked into bed and I got to watch the Times Square celebration with my own little ‘micro’ bottle of Champaign.

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