Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Fall Crops

The Green Life by the Sierra Club posted yesterday some information about the cross-country road trip heading to Farm Aid 2007 which is promoting eating local eco-friendly foods. They had a pie contest in Ypsilanti, Michigan which had a wounderful sounding pie win the “Winner of Most Unusual/Unexpected Pie” award called Tofu Pot Pie. It sounds quite tasty and is inspiring me to plant some kohlrabi this fall if I can get some seeds next trip to the garden center or next spring. The Gardener’s Network has some helpful hints for growing Kohlrabi .

Merrifield Garden Center has gardening tips by the month posted on their website. For this area they claim I can plant beets, radishes, turnips and leaf lettuce as a fall crop. I may need to get that third gardening box ready this weekend for some beets, kohlrabi, leaf lettuce, and maybe turnips.

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