Friday, September 21, 2007

Garden Vandals

I’ve had a few instances of nuisance vandalism in my garden. The plant tags have been rearranged. The gnomes have been tipped over (actually picked up and moved to a place where they could lie down and not land on the seedlings). We think we know who is doing it but since no one has see anything we can’t do much. I decided to fight the vandalism with my own graffiti. I used white chalk to write ‘Understanding”, “Love”, “Charity”, “Peace”, “Faith” and “Hope” on the slate edging the mulch path through the garden. I placed “Love” and “Understanding” at the end facing the curb. The other three are further into the yard. Since the most probable suspect considers herself a ‘Christian woman’, I’m hoping these simple words will give her cause to stop and think. I am hoping she will then worry about tending her own garden rather then telling our neighbors how much she does not like of ours and stop doing little things to be nasty and rude.


  1. I have NEVER seen petty viciousness like some so-called "christians" can perpetrate. We had a set living across the street from us when I was a teenager. Petty, small-minded, small-hearted. A girl I went to high school with got pregnant her first year in college and decided to toss the guy, keep the baby. After that, this family would have nothing to do with the girl, her family, or the daughter...and what a sweet, beautiful, charming, and good-natured child she was! These folks would cross the street rather than say hello. There's a special place in heaven for folks like that.


  2. I remember when we lived on Monroe street, a miracle grew in the garden. It only needed water and a little love. Maybe a few rubber tree plants would shake up the issue.Especially if she is such a christian woman If not, I know a cop who probably could stake it out.
    Until then, I'll keep looking for a lady leaning .