Thursday, September 13, 2007

Star Wars Bad Guys

It’s finally here. Selena’s birthday present’s arrival was delayed by some shipping issues. We actually had to cancel the first order and try a second supplier for her new Spud Trooper. It’s here and now working with William’s Dart Tatter. I think the only one of the series we currently don’t have is Artoo-Potatoo. This is one vegetable they both love.

Yes, they have seen Star Wars, the first one. I was concerned about the trash monster and a few other scenes but none of them seemed to bug them. They love it and keep asking to see it. I believe it was the “movie of the month” for August. William calls it either “big little” for the big space station and the little spaceships or “good guy bad guy”.

Tim even found Spud Wars on You Tube which the kids love. A search for “spud wars” will get you over 50 videos of their saga. Some of them are quite smashing.

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  1. Cute Spud Wars!
    I had not seen those before. What I was watching with the kids looks similar though, it was The Eyes of Darth Tater on