Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Morning Cup of Tea

We probably have all received gifts that at first we aren’t sure we are going to use and then find that it is an essential to daily life. Well maybe not to that extreme. Years ago my parents knowing my love of tea gave me a little glass tea pot to boil water in the microwave. I had a “real” tea pot for the stove so I didn’t know if I would ever use it. I have to admit it spent a year in the cabinet but since then it has had a home next to or in the microwave. I love it. It heats water so much faster especially when I had an electric stove which is what got it out of the cabinet. It has found a permanent place in my morning routine.

Recently my sister gave me another wonderful gift which complements my little tea pot. It’s a tea bag pincher. My first thoughts were I have spoons and this going to take more space in my little kitchen. Those thoughts didn’t come back after the first time I used it. No more burnt fingers. It gets used so much that it hasn’t had to go into a draw yet it.

Since my current favorite tea Trader Joe’s Spiced Tea comes in tea bags complete with staples I have to do a little work to make this a “green” drink. Yes, tea bags cost much less in fuel etc to ship to my local store then bottled drinks but I still have a used bag when I’m done. Since I don’t want staples in my compost I separate the labels which go into the paper recycling bin (w/ staples), the used leaves get dropped into the compost bin and finally the bag gets tossed into the trash. At least it is 1/3 the trash. If I was sure what the bag was made of something biodegradable I would just remove the last staple and toss the whole bag leaves and all into the compost.

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