Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Moon Pies

I have an ‘evil’ friend who introduced me to Fluff marshmallow cream and Nutella spread sandwiches while I was in Hawaii. You may ask “Why is this so evil?” Well because it is absolutely delicious and could be a perfect comfort food. It has a wonderfully creamy chocolate flavor from the Nutella hazelnut coca spread and the fluff is like the center of a gooey marshmallow. When made with Trader Joe’s spelt bread and just the right amounts of Nutella and fluff are applied it can taste like a moon pie (Wikipedia).

Moon Pies are one of those rare treats we had when I was in elementary school. It was an almost too sweet sandwich of marshmallow between to graham cracker cookies covered with chocolate. These are not something you would eat every day but there were moments when it would just hit the right spot and be just right to bring you to that “ah” moment. Since being diagnosed with a wheat allergy nothing else has been able to hit that same spot. Cotton candy may be even sweeter but it just can’t do it.

You maybe still asking why was he so evil to introduce me to a wonderful sandwich which can bring back wonderful moments of family vacations and childhood. Well just like so many of those other things that taste oh-so good they are terrible for any decent diet. I’ve tried to limit myself to half a sandwich after the kids have gone down for a nap or for the night so I can savor each and every creamy gooey nibble.

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