Monday, October 27, 2008

Selena's Sunny Butterfly Room

My daughter’s room is nearly finished. I just need to hang pictures and put things on the shelves.

Paint can be tacky for a few weeks so I’m waiting before putting some of her treasures up on her new plate shelf over her bed. I also would like to get some no-slip material to put on the shelf to be sure things aren’t going to fall if the wall gets banged hard. These are 2 plate sheves purchased from Michael’s Craft Store. We trimmed the joining ends flat and painted them white to match the rest of the trim in her room. I hope to use blue ribbons to hang pictures from the hooks along with some of her other treasures.

The butterflies took a while to cut out. Four of the butterflies were pre-cut wood shapes from the craft store. The others were made from enlarged or shrunk photocopies and traced onto craft wood. They are hung with a spongy removable 3-M adhesive designed to hang up to 10 pounds. When my daughter came home to find them hanging on her wall her face completely lit up as she gleefully shrieked “butterflies”.

The shelves around her dresser are working well. The blue canvas storage cubes I picked up at Lowe’s are working out much better then the two foam ones I found at the container store and cost much less. I am considering getting her 2 or 3 more for all of her tea sets and Match Box cars.

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