Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What to wear?

My usual week day morning starts with shouts asking what the kids can or should wear to school. Over the summer the questions usually revolved around special colors or themes of the day at camp. The seasons are changing and there are days it is in the 80’s followed by days in the 60’s and back again. This is quite normal in the mid-Atlantic area of the US in the fall and spring. It all depends which way the wind is blowing. If our weather is coming from the south it can be warn and even humid. If it comes from the northern plains or Canada it can be quite cool and dry. I try to watch the weather every school night and dress the kids in layers so they stay warm and dry.

Since I am trying to raise independent self-reliant kids I’ve made a new poster to hang in the bedroom hallway. After I get the weather report I’ll move the pictures on the poster to show the kids (and their dad) what they should wear that day. If it is sunny and hot they can wear shorts and sleeveless shirts. If it is cold they need long pants and long sleeves. Today I posted a pair of long pants and either long or short sleeves. We’ll give the poster a trial period to see if it needs to be altered or tossed into recycling.

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