Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Attic Project Creep - The Explanation

Here are two articles from Planet Green (a Discovery Channel station) which explain some of the attic project creep.

Save Energy With Motion Sensors

Motion Sensors attached to lights in certain areas of the house can reduce your lighting energy and costs.

Between two small children and an absent minded husband the old porch light was left on for hours or even over night at least once or twice a month. Not only was that adding to the neighborhood light pollution but it was also wasting energy. By switching the fixture to one with a motion detector we'll save energy. The plan is to replace the light bulb from the manufacture with an LED or compact florescent bulb when it burns out to save even more energy.

Save Energy with an Attic Stair Cover

An attic without a stair cover is like having a hole in your ceiling.

As I said before when I first came across the attic stair cover it was pointless to install it in an attic so inadequately insulated. Once the attic insulation was upgraded not having the stair cover was like having a whole in the roof to let all of the heat out around the new insulation.

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