Sunday, April 12, 2009


Dayenu! A Passover Haggadah For Families and Children By Carole Boyd Leon Illustrations by Connelly

I recently bought 8 copies of this family friendly haggadah at a local book fair. This beautifully illustrate 30 page book was perfect for young children. It is a well written short version of a traditional haggadah. Yes, my 3 and 5 year olds did ask if we were done yet but it could have been worse with a longer or traditional haggadah.

We did put the book to the extreme test. I had to work Passover eve day. This meant I cooked the main dish in the slow cooker while I was at worked. After picking up the kids we stopped at a local store for a few last minute things. Once home they played and helped get the table ready while I boiled eggs, made a vegetable compote, and other foods along with filling a seder plate. We were ready by sunset and started the seder by lighting the candles. We often eat late but this was a bit latter than normal.

Then to add to the "test" for the new haggadah, I was the only adult at our seder. Because of last minute business trips, etc. The possibility of cooking for 12 at a friend's house changed to just me and the kids. I was the hostess, cook, leader, and mom. Okay a normal mom event for a big holiday and it all went well.

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  1. So glad that "Dayenu! A Passover Haggadah for Families and Children" worked well at your seder.

    To get the most out of the haggadah, I would suggest having the families listen to the companion CD in the days leading up to Passover. That way, you'll all learn or review both the new and traditional songs and blessings before your seder.

    If you did not purchase a haggadah with the CD, you can hear a 6-minute sample of it at the publisher's website ( or hear all of the songs and blessings at

    -- Carol Boyd Leon (author)