Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Seder Plates

Living in chaos can sometimes be the mother of invention. I have 3 seder plates but they are all currently safely packed up in one of the what seems like 100s of boxes crammed into one room. Okay there aren’t that many but between the attic work and shutting down the storage unit to save money my organization became very disorganized. Rather than spend hours or days searching for my beautiful plates I made an interesting make shift plate. I used one of the metal trays I purchased for Shabbat dinners. Then I added a colorful assortment of silicone cupcake holders and plastic bowls to hold each of the elements. To complete the child friendly plate I added plastic snake spoons. The frog forks just didn’t quite work. I was missing a shank bone in the end but I’m hoping the kids decorated plates from school would do.

It worked well and when the kids wanted to help set the table there was no panic of great grandpas seder plate getting broken. And when it was nearly tipped over part way through the meal there were still no worries of broken pottery, just a potential spill. Hopefully next year things will be more organized again and the kids will also be a little older.

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