Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Neighborhood Critters

It is so cool. In mid April after the late night news, I saw a red fox scoot through the yard. At first glance I thought it was a strange looking dog. It was just holding its body oddly for a domestic animal roaming the neighborhood. When I realized it was a fox it made complete sense. The lighting was too poor to be able to tell if it was a red or gray fox, both are native to the area. Okay if it was daylight and the kids were outside I would have dragged them quickly into the house. Our area has had too many rabies cases not to be cautious. But watching it dart through the yard from inside is very cool.

Then two days later I’m making my rounds through the house before calling it a night and I look out a window to see another shadow moving through the yard. My first reaction looking out was “My, that is a fat cat!” then its tail swished to the light- it's a raccoon!

It is hard to believe that so many critters hiding around here. There are over a million people living in this county and among us there is a great diversity of animals who still share this land with us. It is hard to believe they find such good hiding places to continue to thrive.

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