Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I couldn't help myself. I saw these Friki-Tiki solar accent lights and had get them. I found my lights at Kmart while hunting for a new kiddy pool. We had found a pool we could all agree on and were headed out when these caught my eye. The kids didn't seem to think much of it until we brought them home and I started to assemble them. Assembly was just unwrapping the mounting of your choice and removing the protective strip for the battery. As soon as the kids noticed the light sensitive on switch they were hooked. They helped me put them in the tree stump garden. Then came the hard part... waiting for it to get dark enough for them to turn on. As the tiki faces light up so did the kids'.

The tiki lights are definitely a subtle, fun addition to our whimsical garden. Two of our neighbors have made glowing comments about them and asked where we found them.

The Friki-Tiki solar accent lights can be mounted on a stake, hung, or used on a table top. The yellow LED light flickers simulating a candle.

Friki-Tiki solar accent lighting

Home Styles, GSI Homestyles


Sold at Kmart

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