Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Bento Scoop

The beetle spoons and sporks are working out very well for the kids. Yes, we have had to replace one or two that accidentally went into the trash. We also had to replace two because they broke. The wing hinges can crack and fall off. The kids have gotten use to using them and love having them in their school lunches. But in the replacement process mine was confiscated by one of the kids. This left me using the silverware from our home set which I don't want to loose or plastic from the office which is not very earth friendly.

After checking out several local international grocery stores I found a set of silverware in a case designed for bentos. The set is a "My Melody" (from Hello Kitty series) set. It has adult size metal fork, spoon, and chop sticks in a reusable plastic case. The chop sticks are a little 'slippery' but I'm adjusting and they are getting easier to use. The pink case is not in your face and neither are the characters imprinted on the clear plastic lid. In other words people in the office walking by don't notice but the ones who stop to chat occasionally point and smile.

The kids were a little disappointed to find out it was for my lunches and not thiers. When the kids are a bit older and have mastered chopsticks I may buy each of them a similar set.

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