Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bento Experiment 08.3

Another trip to The Container Store and more lunch time experiments. Well this round had more breakfast test then lunches.

First came two little snack containers to replace the plastic sandwich baggies the kids use for their breakfast. The typical weekday morning is all of us rushing out of the door without breakfast. The kids were getting baggies files with the cereal of the day. To be a little more environmentally friendly I picked up his and hers snack dished to replace the baggies. Selena seems to like hers and can open and close it with a little effort. William is resisting the change but he to can work the snap lip. We made it through the first week without a spill.

The next experiment was testing a "thermal" snack jar. I ran the experiment with hot cream of rye cereal. The jar had plenty of room for the ingredient (1/3 c rye 2/3 c boiling water, and optional raisins or dried cranberries). I immediately closed up the jar. Three hours latter I opened it up and gave it a try. It was very tasty but not even warm. Unfortunately this little container is NOT microwavable so even with an office microwave I'm still stuck with cold cereal. The redeeming feature of this snack jar is the folding fork and spoon which continentally fits into the lid. I think this jar is going back to the store with the suggestion they sell just the folding self contained fork and spoon at their check out display, if they come separately.

The last experiment this week was for the long awaited Beatle spoon and spork. These cute little bugs come in their own travel case. Their folding wings make for a surprisingly nice handle. The fork is a bit challenging for salad but I doubt the kids will willingly eat salad for a few more years. I like these critters so much I'm going to try to get a set of each of the other colors for the kids - they come in 3 color combinations.

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