Friday, March 14, 2008

Soap Saving Crusade

I had one soap saver left which didn’t quite match any of the washcloths. I decided to try it out on the kids. Bars of soap can be so slippery when trying to wash moving targets. The kids tried it out and they thought it was great. I decided I had made it a bit big for the bar of soap. I switched to smaller needles and made a new sample. I realized that after making wash cloths and soap savers for what I thought was everyone I discovered I missed a person or two, including my husband, oops.

The soap saver above was done with a slightly altered pattern from the original. Size 9 US needles for both the washcloth and the soap saver. There is still a lot of wiggle room for a larger bar of soap. The wash cloth stitched in the slightly larger needles (7US vs. 9US) but tightly stitched has a more distinct lace edge from the yarn over stitch.

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