Sunday, March 9, 2008

Training for Walks

It was going to be a short walk around the neighborhood. I was hoping for a walk around 3 miles long but with the encouragement of the children and the chilling wind the walk was shortened a bit.

According to our Sunday afternoon stroll came to about 2.33 miles of rolling sidewalks. It was windy and only 46 degrees. Making the walk a bit more challenging I pushed tandem stroller, not one of those fancy jogging strollers, over hilly sidewalks with lots of dips for driveways. The image above shows the elevation changes of the walk. The stroller was loaded with waters, snacks, and 2 kids (75 pounds together) . I calculate I was pushing nearly 100 pounds. If I keep training while pushing the kids the walk itself will be a piece of cake.

The kids were kept busy snacking on Gold Fish and on the look out for spring flowers. They found crocuses and daffodils. Kids would prefer shorter warmer walks but seemed to enjoy checking out everyone’s gardens.

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