Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Fishy Gluten-free Treat

Lately I have been craving fish sticks. It maybe because they regularly show up on their school menu. Because of my wheat allergy we weren't having them at home.

A friend I hadn't seen in a long time met me for lunch. We decided on Legal Seafood since they have a gluten-free menu, delicious food and good service. Legal Seafood has fried fish and French fries on the gluten-free menu, but not together. With the simple requests for fish and chips the waiter was off to check with the chief. My request was rewarded with a very tasty plate full of flakey fish lightly dusted and fried to perfection accompanied by delicious fries. Neither the tarter nor cocktail sauces are gluten-free but the catsup and horseradish are fine for a do-it-yourself cocktail sauce with the "bite" customized to taste. It all went perfectly with his stories about being on a Hollywood set and everything else he was up to. The food and company were wonderful.

I had found a way of quenching a craving for fish and chips while out but not at home. At least until I found Ian's Fish Sticks at Healthway Foods. These taste little fish sticks are wonderful. I can cook them at the same time as the Trader Joe's cod fish sticks which the rest of the family loves. One plain for them, one for me since theirs contain wheat. Both fish sticks were such a success the kids and husband have asked to have them again.

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