Monday, March 10, 2008

Home on the Range

I remember being excited about our "new" home having a double oven when we moved in two and half years ago. The excitement gradually faded. First I found it difficult to stir pots on the back burner especially if there was any thing on the front burners. My not so large two quart pot barely fit. I found myself making only one or two pot dinners on the front two burners. Then the lower oven started having problems igniting and eventually the thermostat stopped working. The upper oven hung in there a little longer but could only hold a small cookie sheet or two small cake pans. When the upper oven igniter started to hesitate it was time to weigh the options of repairing it or replacing it. We considered repairing the old unit but decided it would be costly and I still wouldn't be happy with the stove top. I did make sure the old one was hauled off to recycling rather than to the landfill.

I made a point of checking with my parents to get the ins and outs of range shopping and to see if they remember seeing any recent Consumer Report articles on kitchen ranges. I took notes about what they liked and didn't like about their range, the Consumer Report finding, what the typical extra charges were (delivery, install, moving the gas line, and taking away the old range) and places to check out. I went to several stores to see what they had and for price comparison. But I have to admit that after all of that logical thinking and research I ended up with an emotional response. McGuire’s Appliances was the last store I walked into. It was highly recommended by a coworker for their service and prices. I compared their low end range to the ones I saw at places like Kmart and Home Depot and then I spotted it, my new range. It was a discounted discontinued floor model. For just $300 more then the nicest stainless steel range at Kmart I could have a professional grade gas range with two ovens. The main oven has a convection oven option. The little oven/warming drawer is on the bottom and completely out of the way. And even better five easy to access burners.

So far the kids are suffering though batches of cupcakes as I test the main oven and the little bottom one. I made a batch of split pea soup with carrots from the garden on the middle burner and had no problems stirring or cleaning up. I'm hoping the creations in the kitchen get more numerous and tasty as I learn how to use my new "toy".

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