Wednesday, March 12, 2008

FUNctional Bentos

I made the observation that my bento experiments are getting much more functual and less fun looking. I finally found a cure to go with just about any of the bento lunches - bugs. Well beetle spoons and sporks that is. The Container Store finally got some in after being on back order for weeks and I bought the last set they had. After testing them out my reservations for having a 2 or 4 year old holding the wings to feed themselves vanished. Their teachers may need to help unfold and fold them up again after lunch.

I also found it just takes a minute or two to add a few well placed mini chocolate chips to bring a smile to lunch. This day my cheese cake is looking back at me. The kids' morning pancakes and doughnuts have been getting similar grins made out of M&Ms and mini M&Ms. It is amazing how 6 or 8 well placed chocolates can change the attitude of a not hungry little kid.

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