Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tuna Rice Salad

This is one creative way of having your tuna fish sandwich and eat it too. Ditch the bread and add a cup of left over rice (white, brown, wild or mixture) and peas to your favorite tuna salad. The variation shown contains canned tuna fish, Trader Joe’s brown rice melody, peas (straight from the freezer or defrosted), sweet relish, mayonnaise, and seafood seasoning (such as Old Bay®). The peas are added for several reasons including a bit of color, sweet flavor and a different texture.

Many of you may be curious what is “Old Bay® seasoning”? This unique blend of herbs and spices started in the Chesapeake Bay area in 1939. Old Bay seasoning has become a traditional Mid-Atlantic blend of spices often used in the preparation of our native blue crabs. Those of us who have grown up with this tasty blend have found it creeping into other seafood and chicken dishes ever since.

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