Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bento Experiment 8.32

I found an insolated container to keep things hot. The Trudeau® Wide Mouth Food Jar has its own carrying handle and bowl. It needs to be hand washed and can’t go into the microwave. It does hold 17 ounces so more then enough room for a can of soup or good homemade soup. I heated up some soup in the microwave and poured it in. By lunch (6 hours latter) it had cooled some but was plenty hot.

I tried the Health Valley® Chunky Chili spicy vegetarian. When I found this can of soup I was very happy to find a canned soup without wheat. Many of the canned soups available for a fast and easy lunch take short cuts in the manufacturing. Normally canned soups are thickened with a wheat product or other thickener like corn starch. This practice is done with just about every canned soup even ones that you would never think would or should have a thickener. It saves on the prep time for making it. I normally like vegetarian dishes but this one leaves me wondering “where’s the beef”. It has the right amount of spice but it really needs something else.

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