Friday, February 29, 2008

Bento Experiment 08.2

I went shopping hoping to find some handy thing to pack lunches for myself and the kids. I came across so many which looked good but left me quite skeptical. I mean how often will you use a single cupcake holder? Could you possibly use it enough to justify the storage space in a small kitchen? Then there were other things that just sounded too good to be true. After sorting through all kinds of containers at the locale The Container Store®, I came home with a shopping bag full of samples to experiment.

I came home with three Milano Series 9-can lunch bags to replace our existing bags. I wanted something roomy enough to hold our existing Tupperware® divide dishes and versatile enough to hold other things too. This roomy little bag comes with an easy to remove and clean plastic liner to help clean up those inevitable spills. It also came in three colors (gray, green and aqua) which will help code whose bag belongs to whom.

The Sistema® KLIP IT® Lunch Cube is a wonderful little box. I’ve packed a salad, ½ sandwich, fruit and desert for lunch. I used a small Tupperware pill container for my salad dressing. It works quite nicely but I’m still concerned about little fingers flipping it all over the place when they try to open it.

The Trudeau 8 ounce thermal container is a handy size for hot cereal for breakfast. I am a bit disappointed with how cool the contents are by the time I get to work only 2 hours after filling it with boiling water. It does keep the other contents in the lunch bag from heating up. The bottom section is microwavable but that will not help the kids have hot soup at school.

The juice box size drink container is a handy little size for child’s drink. It says it can be frozen. So one of the next experiments is to see how long it stays frozen and keep the other foods in the bag cold.

I was hoping to get some of the way cool beetle spoons and sporks but they were on back order. I’ll have to go back when they come in and see what other goodies they have to experiment with.


  1. Hi! I was wondering where you bought those two small containers to fit into the lunch cube (the ones holding your dessert and fruit). I have a lunch cube too (which I love!) and I was really hoping I could find some small containers to divide it even more like yours. If you ever read this, feel free to contact me through my blog. Thanks :)

  2. Sorry about the delayed response....

    Those smaller containers are Wilton silicone cupcakes. I find the square and the round fit better in the Lunch Cube. The triangle ones are are a little big. I haven't tried the heart ones, yet. You can find them at craft stores such as Michael's crafts and stores which carry kitchen things such as Bed Bath and Beyond.