Friday, February 8, 2008

Fish Bento Experiment

Today I experimented with my lunch. I tried using the kids ‘boo-boo’ fish to keep my lunch stuff cold. First off it definitely passes the cuteness test and if it works should go over well with the kids. I packed my lunch around 6:30 this morning. By the time I actually ate lunch it was almost 2:30pm. This was going to be a long test.

I packed my salad in too containers: one container for the lettuce and one with all of the fixings. I slipped the frozen fish in to the container with my blue cheese and frosty chicken. By the time I sat done for lunch the poor little fish was definitely out of the freezer. It was cool to the touch but definitely not cold. The blue cheese was cool enough I felt safe enough to eat it. Everything tasted fresh and wonderful but I don’t think this was a very fair test. If I pack lunches for the kids they will be eating around noon not two plus hours latter. I think I need to rerun the test with 2 ‘boo-boo’ critters and crack open the lunch box closer to noon to see how it is doing.

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