Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Soap Savers

Soap savers are a vintage idea (aka old fashion). Usually knitted or crocheted small bags to hold your bar soap. The bag is used partially as a wash cloth and a way to use those little bits of soap which are too slippery and hard to hold onto to use. All of the patterns I found were for crocheted so I designed my own knitted pattern. After making one of these for each of my close friends and family you would think I would remember the pattern I designed. This is what I think I did for my soap savers.

Lion Brand® Cotton Ease yarn (50/50 cotton/acrylic) - 2 contrasting colors.
Size 10 1/2 US Knitting needles
Blunt large hole
Size J US crochet hook

Cast on 26 stitches
Row 1 k
Row 2 p
Row 3 k
Row 4-6 Repeat 1-3
Row 7 k
Row 8 p
Row 9 k2tog YO to end - ending w/ 26 stitches
Row 10 p
Row 11 YO k2tog to end - ending w/ 26 stitches
Row 12 p
Row 13 k
Row 14-20 repeat 1-6
Row 21-24 repeat 7-10
Row 25 k
Row 26 p
Row 27 increase by purling in the front and back of each stitch
Row 28 Bind off leaving a 'tail' about 4 times as long as the ruffled edge you just bind off.
Lay the piece in front of you so the holes are horizontal. Fold the piece to one side. Using the tail stitch the side and bottom closed leaving the ruffled side open.

With a contrasting color yarn and #J crochet hook make a chain long enough to thread through the top single row of holes and tie into a bow.

Slip in a bar of your favorite soap and tie off.

K= knit
YO=yarn over
k2tog= knit 2 together

With each soap saver I made 1 or 2 matching wash cloths. The accompanying wash cloths were made using variations of patterns found at Lion Brand Yarn: Dish Cloth pattern number kkc-dishCloths and Cotton Chenille Wash Cloth.

To complete the set I included a bar of Dr. Bronner's Magic Saops all-one hemp peppermint pure-castile soap. This is a bar version of the liquid soap my family use to take camping and back packing. The sent of the soap brought back memories.

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