Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Gluten Free Heaven

If there was a 5 star rating for gluten-free breads and pastries most would be lucky to get to a 2. I know this sounds very negative but, so far, this has been my experience. As I have noted in previous blogs some good packaged items and some to avoid. The good news is with each passing year and the promises of a growing market to cash in on there are more and more products available and they are getting a little better with each new product they try. In the 1970’s I remember trying some soy ice cream. I thought it tasted like frozen sand. Over the years it has come a long way to something I actually consider an alternative to ice cream and enjoyable. Hopefully the wheat-free and gluten-free products have similar success.

This past week I have discovered two wheat-free gluten-free cakes that I would take to a pot luck or home to mom. Trader Joe's has Dolce Senza Grando - Sweet Without Wheat gluten-free tiramisu and black forest torte. Not low in calories with 270 and 290 calories a serving but everyone is worth every mouth watering bite. I would highly recommend both. Unfortunately the husband and kids haven't voiced their opinion on these since I haven't been willing to share... I'm not feeling guilty about it. They have a cabinet of Trader Joe's cookies and other snack food to enjoy that they can't share with me.

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