Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Glow-In-The-Dark Scarves

There is one way to guarantee having a warm spell in the middle of winter and that is to make nice warm fuzzies. I just finished 3 scarves for the kids and now it is nearly 70 degrees. For now they are dragging their new scarves from room to room to see which room they glow in the most, but next week they’ll be wrapped around their chins when the temperatures drop back into the 30’s or lower.
While making the holiday wash cloths I thought it would be really cool to make a glow-in the-dark wash cloth for the kids. So after several internet searches I found some yarn and ordered it. When it arrived I was quite excited and to be honest a little disappointed. Don’t take me wrong this stuff is really cool. It really does glow but it is scratchier then that old wool sweater you have nightmares of wearing. The only way you would use this as a wash cloth is for exfoliating not for a kid’s wash cloth. For those of you without kids, washing children’s faces is hit or miss even wtih a soft wash cloth. They might volunteer to clean up or it is equivalent to giving a cat a pill. The more pleasant you can make the experience the more likely you are to get a clean kid.

The plan quickly changed from wash cloths to scarves and hats. I haven't made knitted hats, yet, so I started with a scarf. I picked Lion Brands® Cotton Ease (50/50 cotton/acrylic) yarn for the main part of the scarf. This is the same yarn I used for the wash cloths and soap savers. I picked a deep corn-flower blue color for a scarf for the little guy and a lighter blue for my daughter. William loved the ‘purple’ color but was not thrilled with the smooth pattern I had done the blue part in, hence making the third scarf. When I was done with the second scarf he had to choose one and the other would go to a friend’s son. The second scarf for the little guy has a design I made using just knit and purl stitches to form stripes and diamonds. Selena’s scarf is a pattern of K2 P2. The ends are patterns of alternating the softer white Cotton Ease with the glow-in the-dark yarn. The scarves pictured have medium size glow-in the-dark pony beads stitched across the ends. The one given away didn’t have any beads added since we assumed a 10-year-old boy would be too grown up for that.

US 7 knitting needles
Blunt needle
Lion Brands® Cotton Ease (50/50 cotton/acrylic) yarn
1 skein preferred color
1 skein white or contrasting color
Glow-in the-dark yarn
Glow-in the-dark pony beads

I made these wide scarves. Cast on 40 stitches with contrast color or glow yarn. Knit a band as wide as you prefer using the contrast color and glow yarn. Change yarns to primary color. Knit to end of skein. Repeat contrasting color pattern used on the opposite end.


  1. Where do you buy the glow in the dark yarn?

  2. The best price I found on the web was from the ...
    Woolstock Knit Shop in Glyndon, Maryland (USA)