Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fuzzy Lavender Poncho

I wanted to find or make something purple or lavender to go with the new March of Dimes® logo. I was also contemplating if I could use the simple washcloth pattern to make a poncho. Then I came across this absolutely beautiful and wonderfully soft lavender yarn on clearance. So for $3 a skein the purple experiment began. The results are a wonderfully cuddly poncho. The experiment turned out to be a bit longer and narrower then I had originally planned but still fun and functional.

Lavender Poncho

US 11 circular needles.
5 skeins of Patons® Be Mine® Lovely Lilac (#63320) yarn (or a bulky 5 yarn)

Cast on 4 stitches
*K 2, YO, K to end* Repeat until you have 101 stitches on needle
K 2, YO, K 39 stitches, bind off the center 19 stitches, knit to end
*K 2, YO, K to center – (Add second ball of yarn) from center K to end * 4 times
*K 2, YO, K to center – from center K 2, YO, K to end* 19 times
*K, K 2 tog, YO, K 2 tog, k to end* repeat until only 4 stitches on needle
Bind off

K= knit
YO= yarn over
K 2 tog= knit 2 stitches together

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