Thursday, June 4, 2009

Airplane Food

The airlines now nickel and dime you for everything from leg room that would not pass any animal cruelty laws, to luggage of any kind, to you formally complementary bag of 14 nuts. Then the airports are now stocked with $3 bottles of water and food prices to rival the expensive professional ball parks. But what can you possibly get through the ever changing rules of the USA TSA and even worse the airport by airport decisions as to what to enforce. Okay it is obvious that metal silverware of any kind could cause problems. But a Beatle spoon in its travel case is completely non threatening and easy to tuck in your carry on. The existing 3 ounce fluid rule is probably here to stay. Therefore anything you pack shouldn't be fluid bases. These folks are not known for having a sense of humor, don't push your luck. My last trip I packed packs of pre-cooked rice dishes. The two I packed from Trader Joe's 90 second pre-cooked rice dishes for under $3 each. One was Indian Biryani rice and the other was a Vegetable Jambalaya. Both are gluten-free and come in an easy to open pouch. Both pouches and my spoon made it easily through security. I had the Indian rice on one flight. It was quite tasty straight out the pouch and filing. Much better than any of the things they were offering for $6-9.

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