Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pennsylvania's Cabela's Outdoor Sore

I recently went to the Pennsylvania Cabela's outdoor store (http://www.cabelas.com) for the first time. I've done some mail order through them but this was the first time I actually went to one of their stores. Cabela’s store has an incredible display of stuffed wildlife and large fish tanks of regional fresh water fish. The kids loved it. They got very excited watching all the fish in the tanks and trying to find all of the catfish including an albino one. They couldn’t get enough of the taxidermy critters displayed through the store. There was a very well done display of numerous African animals. It looked like an action snap shot made into a 3-D presentation. There is also a mountain in the middle of store with animals from 2 climates displayed up and down its sides. Lastly there was a room full of different kinds of deer, typical and atypical. I have to say I have seen smaller zoos and museum than what was on display at this commercial retail store.

While we were there I picked up 2 adult cots for the kids. They are out growing their toddler travel beds. Selena might have another year or so but William is already too big for his. I wanted ones that we could slide duffel bags and suitcases under so we have SOME floor space in the hotel rooms and the tent.

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