Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dinning in Seattle

I did a quick search on my PDA and found there are at least 20 gluten-free restaurants in the Seattle area. Unfortunately none of them are close to the convention center. The schedule I had for all of the convention events didn’t allow me to wonder to any of them this trip. Hopefully I’ll be able to next trip.

Dinning in Seattle was much easier they I had expected. I went prepared with my note explaining I was allergic to wheat but I never needed it. Every place I stopped from a quick diner at the market to very nice restaurant to the convention center they were very well educated about wheat and gluten intolerant. Each was very helpful helping me choose something from their menu I could safely enjoy or more then willing to leave off the bread, without any reminders.

Queen City Grill

I only ate out a few meals but this had to be the best one. I sent an message to a friend asking ifI could go back to Seattle just to have dinner here again. The waiter was wonderful in helping me choose a meal. I had a hard time deciding between the beef and the salmon but decided to go with the salmon in the end. Poached salmon on a bed of Heritage beans- black eye, pink kidney, etc topped with crisp apple and fennel was to die for. Each bite was a treat.

For desert he recommended fresh berries and Coconut sorbet (Grand Marnier, black pepper and balsamic) which was very good. I loved the coconut sorbet. The sauce was a bit strong for me but letting the excess drip off before taking the next nibble did the trick.

Coldwater at Westin, Downtown Seattle

Often the hotel restaurant is good but not worth writing home about. I told the waitress that I had a wheat allergy and was trying to decide between two dishes. I asked if she could ask the chief if either had wheat. One did but, she came back with a strong recommendation for their poached halibut in olive oil on a bed of heritage tomatoes. It was wonderful. Each tender morsel was divine. After savoring each bite she recommended their creambule with fresh blue berries for desert. It was also very good.

Mobey's at Washington State Convention and Trade Center, downtown Seattle

While I was in Seattle for a conference I had this FANTASTIC dressing on a wonderful salad. The day I dropped in they were having a lunch special of poached arctic clam, avocado, red onion, tomato, on mixed greens with wasabi dressing. Okay I thought the clams were a bit 'fishy'. I think I would prefer our New England little clams then these big slices that were more reminiscent of sushi. But did I tell you the salad and dressing was wonderful! I asked if they sold the dressing. They don't but they shared their list of secret ingredients. The atmosphere was warm and friendly with a touch of old world charm. The staff was pleasant and welcoming. They were very responsive to my wheat-allergy concerns. If you are at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center you should stop by the Moby's restaurant.

Wasabi Dressing
(Amounts by volume desired and taste)
powdered wasabi mixed w/ boiling water
Add whole or brown sugar, stir until dissolved
Add lemon or lime & vinegar to taste
Whisk in olive oil

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