Monday, June 22, 2009

Dressing Nake Mole Rats

On a recent trip to the zoo I decided to test my ability to say “no” and took the kids to the gift shop at the National Zoo. I did let them each pick one toy to commemorate Selena’s first time (William’s second). I picked up some zoo stickers and a wonderful new book for them. They had told me they didn’t want to get a book since books were “boring” but a I suspected they loved the one I got and asked me to read it twice the first night and the night after too.

Now you are probably wondering what book would get that kind of attention from 2 preschoolers. Well it is a very well written book about naked mole rats. The book is the “Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed” written and illustrated by Mo Willems. This cute book is about a naked mole rat who likes clothes. The kids think it is great and now they REALLY want to get back to the zoo to see the naked mole rats which were one of the many animals we didn’t see this past trip

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