Saturday, June 13, 2009

Creators vs Pirates

Why are the hours of writing and experimenting reduced to “worthless” when the out come is works of art such as books, music, paintings, etc? But if they form a bottle, television, or computer it is priceless? How can a book be priced by the number of pages not the hours of writing, editing, illustrating, printing, marketing, and distribution? Why does the value decrease even more when it is available online?

I hear stealing a VCR is stealing something “real”. Does that mean only the weight of the plastic and metal make it real and valuable? Does only that deem its price? A lump of plastic can represent a sale and carry a price tag but it is only a sale when it is purchased. If it is stolen, destroyed, or discarded it is not a sale. It is a waste of resources. There is no money to pay the shop keeper, truck driver, manufacture, nor the designer who figured out how plastic and metal could play music or show a movie.

Stealing the copyrights – shoplifting CDs; illegal movie, music or book downloads; using music without permission; etc – dose the same. If the writers, creators, experimenters don’t get paid to have a roof over their heads, food on their tables, clothes on their backs and the tools they need, how can they continue to create the things we use everyday or the things that make each day more enjoyable? Illegal downloads, counterfeiters, pirates, p2p (pier to pier), and others steal from the people we need and pays the leaches of the world who would rather steal then contribute to the world. It is wrong when the pirates our taking island vacations and the most of the world’s writers, artist and inventors are working hard at one or more jobs to pay their bills.

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