Friday, June 5, 2009

Naked Watermelon

On a hot afternoon running errands with the kids and I toss out a bribe to them. One more store and you can get a drink while we are there. They had no idea that I was heading to one of the My Organic Market, commonly known as MOM's. My daughter announces she wants watermelon juice. Watermelon juice? Who knows what is going to come out of the imagination or mouth of babes? Well we were going to a health food store so there might be watermelon juice but just in case I suggested we might get a watermelon instead. We did pick up a cute little seedless melon when we first arrived. We walked around picking up the things I needed. This is one of my regular gluten-free shopping stop. The kids searched through the chilled drinks for something that they wanted. Low and behold they found and picked the new Naked Bare Breeze Watermelon Chill juice. They loved it and both bottles were dry by the time we got home. They raved so much about how good it was I might need to get one for myself next trip to MOM's.

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