Tuesday, July 7, 2009

DEEP Indian Vegan Lunch

At a local international grocery store I came across several DEEP Indian Gourmet vegetarian frozen meals which did not list any gluten or wheat ingredients. The allergy information does state it is manufactured in a facility which does process wheat. I picked up the Chhole (chick-peas simmered with onions and peppers) and Navratian Korma (vegetables and cashew nuts) to try. Each box served 2. The first one I tried was the Navratian Korma. I heated it in the microwave and divided between 2 dishes and added a wild rice and brown rice pilaf. It made 2 very filling and tasty lunches to have at work. The Chhole I popped out of the plastic try it came in to cut it in have with a sharp knife. I then placed each half in a dish with some rice and placed it in my insulated lunch bag. The frozen food helped keep the contents cool and was softened to heat up more quickly for lunch. It worked very well and was delicious. Both dishes were nicely seasoned in a rich sauce. It had enough bite or heat to be interesting but not enough to leave me speechless. I would definitely get both again.

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