Thursday, July 2, 2009


Perogies ( ) are wonderful little dumplings I had occasional growing up. Wonderful little pockets of pasta were filled with a blend of potato, cheese, and onion. There were boiled then fried with a little butter and sauted onion. Oh, were they good and something I hadn’t had for years because of my wheat allergy.

I was making a stop at MOM’s Organic Market ( ) and I stopped short in the aisle. I found a gluten-free perogi. The kids were amazed at my excitement in a frozen food aisle so I had to explain that I hadn’t had one since I was diagnosed with a wheat allergy and missed them. I placed a bag in the cart and two other customers who overheard me and came over to get themselves a bag, too. All three of us were from the same region of the northeast and had fond childhood memories of perogies.

I’m glad to say none of use should have been disappointed when we cooked up treasure. I had discovered Contes Pasta pergoi, a wheat-free gluten-free perogi made by Contes Past Company Inc, that is absolutely wonderful. The pasta cooked up quite nicely. It didn’t break apart at all while boiling. The filling was a very nice blend of potato, cheese, and onion. I just boiled them and put a little butter on them when they were served and they were divine.

Luckily I found traditional wheat perogies at Trader Joe’s which had with a potato cheese filling for the kids. They were less expensive and the kids just have quite learned an appreciation for onion, yet. It was their first time having perogies and declared I was ‘allowed’ to pack them for their school lunches. Yeah, we have success. The kids like perogies and I found ones I can enjoy every wheat-free nibble.

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