Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sand Box

The kids’ recently got a new sand box. I was hoping to give them a constructive play space to dig so they would be less likely to keep digging up my freshly planted seeds and such in the garden. I managed to find a nice size sand box with a very attractive design which would blend in with the yard while still being a lot of fun for the kids.

Once I had the new Step2 Naturally Playful Sandbox home I had to find a good place for it in the yard. As I pulled the big brown box out of the van I realized it was going to be one more thing to mow around. I have been trying so hard to decrease the number o things I need to mow around. I tested it next to the slide on their swing set but I was afraid it would be too tempting for them to jump into the sandbox instead of sliding down the slide. Then I noticed it was about the right size to fit under the fort portion of the swing set. It is a perfect fit. It has a little space around it to allow access to the swing set for reapplying water sealer. The fort provides some protection from the weather which should help the sand box last longer. It provides some shade for the kids while they play. AND I don’t have one more thing to mow around. They love it and have been spending a lot of time in it.

I’m happy to say the box came with a lid. I have explained to the kids that some wild animals like to use sandboxes like cat litter boxes and we need to keep the lid on. They have been very good to keep the lid on when they haven’t been playing in it. They even announced that the lid will keep dirt and leaves out of their new sandbox. They have been very happy to play in the sandbox instead of digging in my garden but they still expect to be called if I find any earth worms or interesting bugs while working in the garden.

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