Monday, July 6, 2009

Toilet Troubles

Well it was nice while it lasted. Last November I blogged about getting a self-closing toilet seat. We really liked our Bemis® Whisper Close™ toilet seat but it didn’t hold up well. The seat and the lid were still in good shape when it went out to the trash but the hinges were gone. Over the past 2 months it slowly died. The lid went from gently closing it self to needing to be pushed closed. The silver color on the hinges was pealing off. The bolts to hold it to the toilet haven’t been holding for at least 3 months. There have been 2 young kids sliding on and off but it still wasn’t staying tight and was getting worse with time. The other day I heard a scream from the bathroom, "MOM! I REALLY need you!”, one of the bolts came out and the seat pivoted when my son lifted the lid. It was time for it to go and it was less then a year old.

The kids and I went shopping for a replacement. I told them they could help me choose a new seat. I looked at the options and told them they could chose between the Bemis® Whisper Close™ toilet seat and the Bemis® toilet seat with a little seat for the kids. After much debate and explaining we were getting a white round one and not the other pretty shapes and colors my son made a decision. We had to the dual seat one because it had one to fit him and one to fit little sister. Hooray decision made. We brought it home and it was installed shortly after. The kids have been careful not to let the lid slam. They are each enjoying a seat that fits them. My daughter is enjoying not having to use a separate one. I’m just hoping this one last longer then the 7-8 months its predecessor.

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